What We Do

  • Our Focus is You
    We focus on your online needs so that you can focus on your customer's needs. There are numerous way in which we can help you. We begin by reviewing your business goals, your marketing objectives, and your competitive position, and then we develop your online presence to meet your needs.
  • Dynamic Content
    Today's web applications require dynamically driven content, and much of that content is provided by a database and a programming language operating in harmony to produce the desired results. MySQL and PHP are two of the most popular web development tools utilized to produce dynamic web sites. We can help you take control and begin building truly dynamic web content which is easier to maintain, is more responsive to your users, and can alter its appearance based upon differing situations. Contact Us today to discuss your custom development needs.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    We can deploy CMS applications to allow organizations to edit content easily, which significantly cuts down on costly professional maintenance fees. Our CMS expertise covers Joomla, Wordpress and Blogger platforms. We are ready to help you choose which works best for your specific needs. Contact Us today to begin taking control of your content.
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Our Focus is You... That simple yet powerful statement sums up our commitment to you and your business. Our focus is making you successful. We cannot consider ourselves to be successful unless we first deliver high quality services to your organization and make your online presence everything that you want it to be. Your success is our focus.

Our Focus is YOU!

Solutions That Work

Blog Posts

With a team of highly qualified IT professionals, SEO specialists, and software and system engineers, Focus Web Services provides custom solutions that ensure a successful online presence for our clients.

Focus Web Services is a U.S. based company that delivers high quality Information Technology solutions that drive business value and reduce unnecessary overhead and stress. Our services are cost effective and scalable to meet your online needs:
  • Online strategy
  • Website design (HTML, Java)
  • Content management systems (Joomla)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Blogs (Blogger, WordPress)
  • Search engine marketing (AdWords, Bing)
  • Search engine optimization (Google, Yahoo)
  • Software and database development (SaaS, mySQL)
  • Hardware
  • Networking solutions (WiFi)
Focus Web Services management team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the Information Technology industry, and we seek the opportunity to build long lasting, strategic partnerships with our clients. We cannot consider ourselves successful unless you are first successful. Thus, our focus on our client's needs is the core of our culture and it forms the basis of how we as a company operate and serve our clients.

Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our clients by delivering superior products and services through communication, passion and focus.